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digital sensor
digital Ph sensor
digital orp sensor
Digital turbidity sensor
Digital dissolved oxygen sensor
digital SS sensor
digital MLSS sensor
NS-CD100 water conductivity sensor
NS-CL128 Digital CL sensor
NS-OZ128 Digital ozone sensor
Portable apparatus
Portable ph/orp meter
Portable oxygen dissolving instrument
Portable residual chlorine meter
Embedded installation
Online ph and orp meter
Online dissolved oxygen meter
Online conductivity/ tds meter
Online salinity meter
Online residual chlorine analyzer
Online dissolved ozone meter
Online turbidiy meter
Online sludge concentration meter
online suspension meter
Online ion meter
Wall mounted installation
Ph / orp meter
Dissolved oxygen meter
Conductivity / TDs meter
salinity meter
Residual chlorine meter
Water dissolved ozone detector in water
On-line water hardness meter
Fluoride / Calcium/Sodium / Chlorine / Ion Meter
Multiple parameter
Multi-parameter water quality analyzer
Wall-mounted dual-channel PH ORP analyzer
COD/Ammonia Nitrogen Analyzer
Solar water quality monitoring station
DTU communication module collect RS-485
RS485 Isolation module
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Digital Fluorine ion transmitter PCL-1080FClick:3634
Fluorescent Dissolved Oxygen Meter DO-6800YGClick:2974
NS-OR101 digital orp sensorClick:11092
NS-ZS603 Low range digital turbidity sensorClick:29919
RS485 Isolation moduleClick:1238
Waterproof Digital PH/ORP Meter PH-1806Click:3272
High Quality and Cheap PriceClick:3759
NS-DO103 Digital Dissolved Oxygen SensorClick:100996
Dissolved Ozone MeterDOZ-7600Click:3607
Hot Sale Digital Salinity Meter YD-5100Click:4411
Digital Sodium ion transmitterClick:3569
Digital Water Hardness Meter PGM-1080CClick:3720
D0-6800G Online microgram dissolved oxygen meterClick:3001
Fluorescent Dissolved Oxygen Meter DO-6800YGClick:3550
Conductivity Meter / TDS Meter DTC-9500Click:3138
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